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The page was last updated Sunday, January 17, 2016

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What's New 

The latest news and events in our church life (as of January 17, 2016) are: 

bullet Church Bulletin - See what's happening at MUMC!

The best way to read the Weekly Reminder is in church Sunday morning.  In case you can't be with us, the current church bulletin for January 17, 2016 is available here.

The calendar of church events (as of October 1) is available here.

These materials are in PDF format.  You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

bullet NEW! The Welcome Church "Live Audio Broadcast Network".

Can't get to Church? Want to hear the service from your computer - or share it with a friend?

It's easy to access the MUMC Live Audio Broadcast Network: Just go to "". That will take you to our new website (be sure that welcomechurch is one word).
• Under the picture of the Lion and Lamb, to the left, you’ll see a menu bar. Click on “Worship”.
• Then select "Live Stream". Click on the "Play" arrow (if it's not already playing). Be sure to turn your computer's speakers up! If the system is on, you’ll be!

You and your friends can now listen to our services of worship from wherever you are - anywhere in the world! We intend to broadcast our services and special events 2 from Montgomery United Methodist Church on our Welcome Church Live Audio Broadcast Network.

Please note! This live broadcast is AUDIO ONLY - intentionally so. There's no video, so everyone can use their imagination - like on the radio. Let me know if you listen in! Thank you! PT

bullet New Sanctuary Floor and Mosaic Cross Centerpiece was Dedicated Easter Sunday, 2014

In an absolutely amazing feat of cooperative logistics, dedication, hard work, skill, and generosity, we are thrilled to announce that our new Sanctuary Floor and Mosaic Cross Centerpiece was dedicated Easter Sunday.  We are grateful for this gift, underwritten by a major bequest from the estate of a faithful member, Joanne Dixon, and a generous gift from the Potter family in honor of their Grandchildren, Zachary Martin Potter and Gabriel Francis Potter.  Many thanks as well to our many volunteers who moved chairs, cleaned, provided coffee for the workers, and encouraged us all. Thank you so much, and blessings to all!


Announcing A New Online Ministry in Our Church!

Thanks to the dedication and technical expertise of one of the members of our Church family, Marty Carlson, we have a new online ministry in our Church. I call it "Church on the Go". Just click in to this website and find a treasure chest of our music, prayers and sermons for you to listen to anytime, as well as recordings of special events (like the St. Patrick's Day Talent Show). Please check it out and tell me what you think!  A link is also available on the website menu on the left.

On behalf of the congregation, I want to thank Marty for all the work he and the Audio Team are doing to make this possible!

Pastor Tony


Personal Shoppers for Christ

After Church this morning, you'll have the chance to directly provide food and other needed items to those in need through the ministry of our MUMC Personal Shoppers. Joan and Gail will be at a table near where the Pastor stands after the service, and will accept your donations toward food and household items. They then go to the store and do the shopping for us. Truly, a good deal! Please stop by and be a blessing!

bullet New Church Office email address

A new email for the church office has been established.  See the email page for more information.


Part 1, 2 and 3 of the Let There Be Light sermon series are now available.  Please read through them to gain an understanding of the meaning behind the beautiful new Marian Housten Memorial stained glass windows generously donated by Reverend Dave Housten.  Pictures of the windows are available in Part 1.

The Official Blessing and Dedication of the Marian Housten Memorial Windows took place at the services of worship on October 10, 2010.

If you wish to automatically receive church news, send your email address to visionsofhope at gmail. com